About Stephanie


Stephanie has travelled all over the world discovering her gifts and sharing what she has to offer with others. After overcoming family trauma and suicide early in life, Stephanie was able to move through her own wounds by helping others gain insight into theirs. She has studied with Laura Day, Lorena Solinger, Richard Gubbe, and is a Reiki Master. She created her techniques over many years of helping friends and colleagues move past trauma, negative behavior and thought patterns. Stephanie, a nurturer at heart, values her role as wife and mother, and is grateful to bring her healing gifts to the world. She offers time and space without judgment, setting the stage for the soul’s true purpose and desires to be revealed and nourished.

Instead of letting hardships hold her back, she was motivated to live her life to the fullest. Beginning as a dancer, she was soon discovered by Elite Modeling and found herself experiencing life and people all over the world. Stephanie was drawn to people from all walks of life and beliefs and found great joy in expanding her horizons. By the time she was 21 she had lived in many countries and was finally ready to set down roots as an actress in Los Angeles. Always harnessing the tools of acceptance and positive internal speech, she moved forward in the acting world: sharing the screen with Robin Williams, Kevin Costner, and Keira Knightly to name but a few.

Throughout her acting career she maintained an active interest in the intuitive and healing arts: engaging in deep courses of study with Laura Day’s Practical Intuition , crystal and color therapy, Jungian Dream Analysis and various forms of energy work. She now lives in Malibu with her husband and daughter, and offers her healing practice as a service to the greater community.