Sessions with Stephanie


Curious about your life gifts and highest path?

Ready to energize your life?

Need special protection for an upcoming challenging situation?

Longing to shift old habits and patterns?

Need healing around a challenging relationship?

Feeling blocked?

Need help moving past a trauma or sudden life change?

If you are looking for an Intuitive Counselor who can access your guides and higher power to point you in the right direction and facilitate movement through blocks and stuck energy, then look no further. Stephanie has amazing gifts to offer in her one-on-one treatments. In these treatments, Stephanie combines counseling skills with Reiki energy work to move energy and guide your spirit into its higher purpose and a new cycle of action.

Your session can take place over the phone or in the serene ambiance of her Malibu Canyon property. Her tranquil indoor space provides ¬†privacy as well as an opportunity to utilise several outdoor power spots on the property which assist as catalysts for deep healing work…

Stephanie attunes herself before each session to the particular needs of the person she is treating. This process allows for individual care and guidance for all those who seek her assistance.




An in-depth first session (which lasts about 1 and 1/2 hours) is $225 dollars, while follow up sessions (about 1 hour) are $150.