“Stephanie is a clear channel for Spirit; she has a remarkable ability to step out of the way and simply allow Spirit to communicate through her in a manner that informs, inspires, and empowers. Her non-judgmental, relaxed approach is both refreshing and comforting. A reading with Stephanie is an experience you’ll never forget!”

–Jaena Moynihan, Intuitive Consultant & Medium.

“Stephanie is a gifted guide who moves with deft accuracy into the deepest parts of the soul: identifying one’s highest gifts and greatest lessons in this life. Her warm manner and clear vision creates the space for natural opening and her direct insight helps one heal in leaps and bounds: releasing the heart from karmic holds and negative thought patterns. She accessed my spiritual guidance and helped me to move forward in new directions with joy and abandon instead of fear and limitation. I can’t recommend her enough”

–Kathy D, Client.

“Stephanie is a tremendously gifted individual that is able to read what is critical to a person’s well being. Stephanie told me things that eventually happened (related to my marriage and surgeries). I couldn’t believe how spot on she was and I was glad I made the choices to follow her suggestions. Things could have become very bad for me if I hadn’t heeded her advice.”

–Julie, Client.

“I’ve seen Stephanie change lives!  She is an incredible intuitive and empath. She gives her gifts spontaneously and abundantly.  Time spent with her is invaluable. She gives of herself more than any other person I have ever met.  One is lucky to be in her presence.”

–Brigitta, Client.

“Stephanie has the remarkable ability to cut to the core of any life issue giving invaluable advice and support without judgement.  She offers practical no nonsense assistance wrapped in love and sprinkled with a sense of humor   Her understanding of the human condition sheds light and love on the most complicated of situations.    A genuine intuition that travels on an alternative frequency she continues to astonish me with her ability to connect and offer comfort over large geographic distances.  I count myself blessed to know her.”

–Katrina, Client