The Healing Heart

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The Healing Heart

I was born into a family who had a lot of heart break before I was born. I came into this life with an open heart and an open ear eager to hear all the pains of the past.  Hoping to heal their wounds and open their hearts. In the process it opened my heart to those suffering around me. It has been my journey in this lifetime to bring sunshine and understanding to those around me. It is my favorite past time. My biggest reward and my biggest challenge.

I was my mother’s third child from her third marriage and my father’s third child from his third marriage. There was a lot of family history written before I was born. I was always acutely aware of my advantage being conceived in love to a loving couple who hungered for love and gave it freely. My memories of my early childhood are filled with their love and their desperation. I myself was an adventurer. Eager to learn all I could and meet as many people as I could. I was most certainly in love with my mother who was beautiful and mysterious to me. She walked in a pillar of light and sorrow and I was drawn to both. She taught me the beauty of my spirit and encouraged me to express all of myself while also sharing her sorrows. She was reluctant at first but I can be focused and incorrigible in my quest for the truth. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just the truth. I see as I write this that even as a small child I was preparing for my future self. The self I have just arrived at that this is my calling and I should not be afraid to own what I have always possessed.

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