Stephanie Romanov-Wechsler offers Intuitive Counseling which can be done in person at her beautiful healing space in Malibu, or via telephone. Stephanie is a natural intuitive and empath, a Reiki master and energy healer.  She combines practical coaching skills with her profound healing techniques to help her clients move forward in their lives with joy, passion, and enthusiasm. She connects with people in a deep way, putting them at ease with her uncanny ability to draw out their deepest desires and inner truths: revealing aspects of themselves that were previously invisible or hidden. She has always found great joy in helping those around her meet their potential through self-examination and emotional support. Her gift of nurturing allows people to receive guidance in a safe space crucial for deep inner transformation and her insight provides them with the tools they need to move past trauma and negative self-speak that has blocked them from achieving their goals. During sessions with Stephanie, she will lift energetic blocks, identify and re-program old patterns that are no longer useful, and provide practical tools to move through stressful life situations with grace and strength. She specializes in distance healings: sending protection and beneficial energy to surgeries, job interviews, meetings, dates, and challenging situations.